The aim of the SWP is to share with a wide audience of academics, practi­tioners and policy-makers original research in the fields of economics, management, law, sociology, statistics. The main requirement is that the work relates to the research agenda of the dSEAS (please see our web page). This can be work in progress or work ready for publication and there are no copyright restrictions regarding the use of mater­ial from these working papers in future publications. The members of dSEAS, as well as all visitors, phD students, participants in conferences and workshops organized by the dSEAS are encouraged to submit their papers to the SWP. Papers submitted as pre-print or post-print of essays published or to be published elsewhere will not undergo a peer review procedure. Nonetheless, the Associate Editors check whether re­ceived proposals are sufficiently original within their field of research. Furthermore, AEs control that papers comply with all mandatory editing rules (see below n. 7) and with usual footnotes and bibliography requirements, and that papers are effectively – at least – at pre-print status.All Working Papers are available through our WebPages in .pdf format. (Adobe Acrobat Reader can be used to read, print, and download the papers.This soft­ware is available free from <>.Hardcop­ies can also be ordered at a cost of €.5.00 from the Website, or by post on request).